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We offer a complete range of services, including the supply and delivery of materials, removal and disposal of existing flooring, and of course, installation of new floors. The installation process is essential to creating a forever floor. When installed correctly, hardwood flooring can last for decades. At Pitts Floors, we will professionally install a floor that fits your home's styles as well as your own.


One advantage of hardwood flooring is that it can be refinished rather than replaced. Refinishing is a smart, cost-effective alternative for many homes. And, refinishing hardwood floors restores them to their original beauty. If your floors are looking dull, we will sand them down, polish the exposed surface, and touch up any imperfections. You'll be left with a floor that looks good as new.


Stairs add a unique element to your home, and wood stairs in particular, often occupy a central place in the layout of the home. We provide numerous options for your stairs. Whether you want to sand and refinish or completely replace them, we have the knowledge and experience to give you the stairs you have always wanted.


At Pitts Floors, we are experts at repairing floors that have been damaged by spills, leaks, pets, and even termites. We remove and replace all damaged boards with carefully matched wood. We fill in holes as needed, ant the overall result is a like-new floor for your home.


Baseboard moldings and shoe moldings are sometimes underestimated when it comes to completing your flooring project. They are actually a crucial part of your flooring project. Properly matched and installed moulding protects walls and adds an exquisite feel to your home. The look of beautifully finished hardwood floors can easily be spoiled without properly matched moulding. With our years of experience, Pitts Floors can help you select from a variety of options to give your home the perfect finishing touch.


Decks can become badly damaged with time and exposure to the elements. As with interior hardwood floors, it is often possible to sand and refinish a deck, rather than installing a new one. The process is similar to interior floors restoration, and we will help you select and appropriate high quality paint or stain to re-create a beautiful outdoor space for your home.

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